Monday, June 17, 2013

At PLAYBOY Corporate, Beverly Hills 90210

Last week I got invited to the new Playboy Corporate office in Beverly Hills. It was a fantastic journey back in Playboy history and future and so wonderful meeting the whole Playboy creative team. All floors, rooms and lounges are very well designed and furnished with many vintage designer pieces from Hef's original Chicago office combined with ultra-modern accessories. The walls are beautiful decorated with original artworks from the most famous photographers and artists from all Playboy decades, such as LeRoy Neiman, Keith Haring, Vargas, Andy Warhol....
I also was very moved by entering the climatize Playboy Archive and looking at the only one existing original slide from the first published photo of Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean at the very first issue Dec. 1953.

Original Andy Warhol artwork. He created the cover for the January 1986 issue

The only one existing original Marilyn slide from the very first issue, Dec. 1953

3D Photo  :)
I am thrilled for being included at the Playboy family and making my first mark in the next Playboy issue hitting the stand June 25th. I am very much looking forward for future projects with Playboy. Thanks so much Hef!