Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Book, Laura Biagiotti VENEZIA "The Myth is back", Photographed by Michael Moebius & Joerg Funke

The new photo book VENEZIA "The Myth is back“ by Laura Biagiotti, Photographed by Michael Moebius & Joerg Funke, is a wonderful compilation of backstage photos from the advertising campaign shooting of Laura Biagiotti's new fragrance VENEZIA feat. Margareth Madé. The book is a very exclusive limited edition which is not for sale.
It was so fantastic and unforgettable to be a part in such an extraordinary beautiful production. My special thanks again to the Biagiotti Group and to Procter & Gamble for making this happen!

Let yourself be seduced  by VENEZIA and enjoy the amazing with many wonderful extras, including my 3D exhibit of Margareth Madé at the VENEZIA Launch.