Monday, June 24, 2013

"Marilyn Bubble Gum" Pop Art Collectors Edition

Michael and his masterpiece at Mouche Gallery
Michael's remarkable Pop Art expression of Marilyn is now available as a very exclusive Collectors Edition on canvas, 46“ x 67“, Edition size 25, at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills 90210.
Michael is very honored that Hugh Hefner included the artwork recently to his outstanding art collection at his private gallery at the famous Playboy Mansion where he has displayed his favorite artists such as Newton, Pollock, Dali , Matisse, Vargas, LeRoy.....
Playboy Mansion

Since we have published the artwork "Marilyn Bubble Gum" it quickly became a global phenomenon and very popular on Pinterest, Tumblr. and Instagram including many request and great compliments from magazine editors...„a spectacular, never seen Marilyn...“, „a truly Pop Art Marilyn...“, „best Pop Art of Marilyn since Warhol"...
We are very happy about the overwhelming reactions.

Monday, June 17, 2013

At PLAYBOY Corporate, Beverly Hills 90210

Last week I got invited to the new Playboy Corporate office in Beverly Hills. It was a fantastic journey back in Playboy history and future and so wonderful meeting the whole Playboy creative team. All floors, rooms and lounges are very well designed and furnished with many vintage designer pieces from Hef's original Chicago office combined with ultra-modern accessories. The walls are beautiful decorated with original artworks from the most famous photographers and artists from all Playboy decades, such as LeRoy Neiman, Keith Haring, Vargas, Andy Warhol....
I also was very moved by entering the climatize Playboy Archive and looking at the only one existing original slide from the first published photo of Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean at the very first issue Dec. 1953.

Original Andy Warhol artwork. He created the cover for the January 1986 issue

The only one existing original Marilyn slide from the very first issue, Dec. 1953

3D Photo  :)
I am thrilled for being included at the Playboy family and making my first mark in the next Playboy issue hitting the stand June 25th. I am very much looking forward for future projects with Playboy. Thanks so much Hef!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moebius the latest Playboy Artist

Big News at Playboy!
Michael Moebius is the latest in Pin Up Artists at Playboy.. Since 1953 only a few other artist have reigned - following in the footsteps of Vargas, Leroy Neiman & Olivia - Michael Moebius makes his mark in the next Playboy issue hitting the stand June 25th.

Mouche Gallery, Beverly Hills 90210

Playboy concept art by Moebius

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Player's incredible concert

Player did a incredible performance at Devin's huge 50th birthday bash & charity-event for Shelter Hope Pet Shop. It was such a wonderful night of celebration and so great to see so many dearest friends again.

Ronn and his former colleagues from "The Bold and The Beautiful"

My dear artist friends Olivia & Joel

Ps.: WWW.MOEBIUSART.COM has a new look, still working on little changes. Website powered by

Monday, June 10, 2013

Laura Biagiotti ESSENZA DI ROMA feat. Oriol Elcacho & Davinia Pelegri, 3D Photos by Michael Moebius

Laura Biagiotti ESSENZA DI ROMA print and TV commercial shooting in Rome, protagonist Oriol Elcacho & Davinia Pelegri, 3D Photos by Michael Moebius, client Procter & Gamble.
A special thanks again to Laura Biagiotti and Procter & Gamble for this unforgettable time in Rome.
Please visit also my website for more images from this campaign shooting.